It is always lovely to receive positive comments on how the wedding day came together but my favourite one of all time was when the bride and groom walked down the aisle together as one.. the bride arm in arm with her groom turned to me with a backwards smile mouthed the words “thank you”.  These moments are unforgettable.


Ally and Neil
Ally and Neil


Tim and Justine

I too give my gratitude to my couples – thank you for allowing me to share your most intimate special day with you both. Thank you too for inviting me back to your reception.. I was enjoying your wedding so much it would have been an anticlimax going home so soon. I was so impressed with how everything was organised so beautifully, the food, stunning wedding cake and speeches etc.

Your uncle Jo expressed his desire to have me do a renewal of vows for later in the year which will also be an honour to do but I asked your dad whether he would consider renewing their vows and he said: No need, I carry them around in my pocket all the time.  I wish this same sentiment for youTim and Justine…


And the ritzy ceremony at The QVB.. This was an interfaith wedding – the brides’ family were Thai and the grooms’ Scandinavia . Through an interpreter the brides’ parents said: “Kristina, your beautiful personality, made the whole of the preparations and  the ceremony itself, relaxing, easy and thoroughly pleasurable and sometimes entertaining”   !! which it was …. the brides family smiling and palms together bowed down in front of me….

Hi Kristina,  Craig and I would like to thank you for such a beautiful outstanding ceremony – the day was so perfect. Craig and I loved every part of our ceremony . You are such a lovely lady who went out of her way to make our day so perfect . We would highly recommend you . And we would also like to thank you and my mum for your little adventure of the confetti in the bed. We had such a laugh especially my grandson who said Kristina and nanny were very naughty- they made such a mess of nanny and poppys bed!! – thankyou so much for making our dayxx TraceyTracey&Craig photo (Medium)