What Paperwork Do I Need?

What Happens During The Ceremony?

Welcome and Introduction – This can include the bride and groom’s story, referring to the setting for the wedding, special people to mention, message from bride and groom to the guests etc.

Interfaith Rituals – I can guide you with this.

Reading – This could be in the form of a poem, or a piece of writing that has special significance for the bride and groom. This could be read by me or someone chosen by you.

Celebrant Explanation – Explaining the celebrants role and the Monitum from the Marriage Act (by law, must be included).

Vows By Law – The bride and groom need to say the following lines out loud to each other: I call on everyone/persons gathered here to witness that I (name) take you (name) to be my lawful wedded (wife/husband). Personal vows can of course be added before or after the compulsory lines.

Rings – Exchange of ring(s) (or another symbol of your love for one another) with some special words that can be said by the bride and groom or me.

Good Wishes/Blessing – Extended by celebrant, on behalf of the family and friends.

Declaration of Marriage – (I now pronounce you …)

The Kiss! – Self explanatory

Signing – The marriage register & certificates (legal requirements)

Presentation of Couple – You choose the way you want to be introduced, e.g. I now present Mr and Mrs or you may want to keep your own names.

The Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) must be signed and witnessed (by me) no later than one month before your wedding. When you sign this document, I will need to see your birth certificates, passport or divorce/death papers if that is relevant.

If the Bride plans on changing her surname you will need to obtain what is called a Standard Marriage Certificate (all explained in the kit I provide). This is also usually required in marriages involving visa applications.

This certificate which shows the registration number of your marriage, can only be ordered from Births, Deaths & Marriages after your wedding (i.e. after the celebrant has lodged the documents and the marriage has been registered). Births, Deaths and Marriages will then mail them to you about 3-4 weeks after your wedding.

There is also another document to sign before the wedding called the Declaration. I send both the Declaration and the NoIM documents to BD&M after the wedding.

In summary: The marriage certificate (the presentation one) that you keep, the marriage certificate and declaration, and the marriage register that all celebrants are required by law to keep.

Happily Ever Before and After – I also by law have to give you this leaflet. It outlines counselling for couples in the event they have relationship questions etc.

How Can You Customize My Wedding?

Although I am not a wedding planner per se, I can offer you various rituals you may like to include in your service, for instance a sand or candle ceremony or perhaps a wine box ceremony or bring in a wedding custom from your country of origin perhaps. I am happy to spend as much time as needed to create a customised and very personalised service which I will then present to you in a booklet(s). There are so many creative ideas to explore….